911 Dispatch Workstations

The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office (herein referred to as the Sheriff’s Office) is seeking a qualified and experienced vendor to submit a proposal to replace the existing Dispatch Workstations with new workstations of the vendor’s choice and design.

This new workstations must fit within the confines of the current Sheriff’s Office 911 Center.  At present, the 911 Center has 8 workstations (2 stationary Supervisor workstations and 6 Stand-up/Sit-down Dispatchers workstations).  It is the Sheriff’s Office desire to increase the number of Dispatcher workstations to 12 for future staffing increase, and emergency response to large scale incidents.

The vendor will need to provide a design for 12 ergonomic workstations, which include 2 Supervisor positions.  The vendor proposal will also need to provide an installation plan to allow continuous operation of the 911 Center. 

911 Dispatch Workstation Proposal

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Posted by Jason P.