County Road F & H Construction - Towns of Bern & Halsey

County Roads F and H are planned to be under construction.  The project begins on County Road F at the west County line in the Town of Bern, it extends to the intersection with County Road H and continues on County Road H to Corn Road. 

(NOTE: County Road F is in the process of being re-named to County Road L as part of the Marathon County Re-addressing.)

During the project, crews will recycle the existing pavement, perform minor roadside grading operations, add a new asphalt driving surface, place new gravel shoulders, pavement markings and some sign updates. 

The recycling process adds a mixture of asphalt and water to the roadway.  This process requires a curing period.  During the curing period, there will be several weeks where work does not occur on the project.

The recycling is anticipated to begin near June 5th and is expected to last for approximately 2 weeks. 

Paving west of State Highway 97 is scheduled for mid to late June; this section is scheduled to be completed at the end of June or early July.

Paving east of State Highway 97 is scheduled for mid July; this section is scheduled to be completed at the end of July or early August.

During the project, the road will be posted as ROAD CLOSED - LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY.  Access will be maintained throughout the project to all residents and businesses.  Motorists can expect to experience some delays when they encouner work crews.  The grading, recycling and paving operations will typically reduce the roadway to one lane of traffic in the areas they are working. 

A detour route will not be posted for the project.  Please use alternate routes during construction

Wisconsin Act 308 prohibits the use of hand held phones in workzones.  Violators are subject to fines of $40 to $100 for using hand held phones in work zones.  Use of mobile devices is a factor in one in four crashes nationwide.  In 2014 in Wisconsin there was a crash every 20 minutes that was related to distracted driving.  Please put it down, turn it off, put it on silent...it can wait.


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Posted by Kevin L.